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Starting today Quicken online (web-based financial software) will be free for all customers. Early this year, Quicken online was introduced by Intuit as a money management tools for monthly fee. However growing trend of offering free tools pushes more pressure Intuit. Today they announced Quicken online for free for all customers and in future they will push more ads-on services to their customers, like tax services during tax season. Quicken online is the web-based financial software that replaces many of the features of the desktop versions of Quicken and competes with Wesabe, Mint, JustThrive, Geezeo, Yodlee money center, GnuCash, quizzle and several more seasoned and emerging online banking & personal Finance web applications.

What Quicken Online offers

Registration to Quicken online is simple. If you are member of,, or QuickBooks; you just have to use your existing user name and password to unlock Quicken online. Like other online personal finance software, user needs to supply user name and password of your bank and credit card websites that you want to track. Quicken online is going to connect your all online accounts and aggregate all of your financial information—income and spending at one place and updates every night to keep things up-to-date. Quicken Online allows you to view transaction details, account balances, and more anywhere you can get online, including mobile devices. You can create charts and graphs that quickly analyze spending habits. Program also encourages you to live within your means by showing clear picture of your income, spending and debt by asking simple and daunting question– “Am I living within my means?” on your quicken online home page. New and improved quicken online shows slick interface and super cool speed to setup/add my bank and credit card account.

What Quicken online doesn’t offer

Quicken Online is not a complete money management tool. This one is major disappointing compare to other online financial software; it doesn’t support investment tracking, nor export data to/from Quicken Desktop or integrate with TurboTax. But I am sure they will integrate it in future to push more add-on services to users, like offering to fill tax filing service in tax season or offer low cost service of your cell based on your cell phone bill pattern and much more. Quicken online is not ready yet to offer the management and tracking of my auto/home insurance account, frequent flier miles and hotel rewards points accounts etc.

The Bottom line

I appreciate any (quality) software where I don’t have to pay and use it with minimal or non-destructive limited ads around web contents. Up-till now, Quicken Online was paid software application so there was no advertisement but now it’s free so in return I am ready to see some reasonable advertisements on quicken online web pages. However, if you already use JustThrive or GnuCash or Wesabe or Mint or Yodlee money center or Geezeo or quizzle, I don’t think that you need any change. But if you are new to personal finance management tool and don’t yet track your finances on a regular basis, I would recommend giving a shot to any of web-based financial management tools to see which best fits your life-style. Personally I used Yodlee money center and Mint both but I like and use Yodlee money center more than Mint on regular basis because it’s all-in-one plate arrangment of my all types of account.

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So, what do you use for your financial planning, Budgeting and Monitoring? and Why?

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