What Is Forced Placed Insurance?

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In recent leak of BOFA scandal from one of his ex-employee here and here.  Its important to know what is “Forced Placed Insurance”?at the first place.
Homeowner’s insurance is a serious issue that must be taken serious by homeowner’s. Never allow yourself to be in the position where a forced-placed insurance policy [...]

FDIC Insurance: Is your bank FDIC insured? Make Sure Your Money Is Covered - 5 must-know questions about FDIC insurance limits

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Update (October 3, 2008): FDIC deposit insurance temporarily increased from $100,000 to $250,000 per depositor through December 31, 2009. More here
I have cash in my savings and money market account in [insert your bank name.] How secure is the bank?
Recent failure of IndyMac bank, Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns and poor health of financial system, more [...]

Settlement results in FREE credit monitoring service for (almost) all

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Recently I fumble upon NPR news website and end up on news about Transunion, a credit bureau, class action lawsuit (selling customer’s information to third party and later used a vicious marketing technique to sell their services). TransUnion apparently lost a class-action lawsuit and reached to a settlement of offering various credit monitoring service plus [...]

$1 a Day Car Rentals - CityFlitz in Toronto

CityFlitz, a canadian compnay is offering $1/Day for a car rental in Toronto, Canada. This is cheaper that any mass transit service that I know. This one is very sweet deal as gas price is very high right now, this sounds like a great option for frugal life believers.

So what’s the catch? Idea is [...]

State tax free day + Back to school deals: Sweet Combination

Technically, we are half way through summer, but many people are running and scheduled themselves as per school starting day (calendar year schedule.) Mostly all school are starting sometime between second week of August and first week of September.
In recent years, many state started cheering shopping, to support local economy, by offering ‘state tax-free day’. [...]

You may be richer than you think, thanks to Unclaimed property - Find Missing Money

What if someone tell you that you might be wealthier than what you think. Hu? How? Well, various Government state treasurers are holding approximately $32 billion in unclaimed money and other properties owed by 117 million missing owners (accounts.) Unclaimed property law is around since 1940 but become broader and more enforced in last 15 [...]

10 Tips: How to score a cheap airline ticket

Traveling has become radically easier for consumers to locate great deals since the rise of the internet, allowing everybody an opportunity to reach out to deals from all airline companies. However, to find a good deal is not easy. I am not sure how airline business works but at one point of time all major [...]