Wall Street

True colors: Zecco cancels free trades for small investors

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As of March 1st, 2009, to qualify for 10 free stock trades, you must reach a $25,000 minimum balance in your account, or execute 25 trades

Account balance of $25k or more + 25 or more trades per month = You will get 10 free stock trades per month, $4.50 otherwise
Account balance of $25k or more [...]

Do you feel heat from financial meltdown? Let’s make the downfall in your favor.

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You might have heard that best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago and second best time in now. Same things applies for investment. Even if you think you are late, you still have time to accomplish your retirement (reasonable) goal. Use this calculator to find out how much you have to save [...]

$700 Billion Bailout plan/bill - First Draft is here…

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Update: Sept 29, 2008: U.S. House Rejects $700 Billion Financial-Rescue Plan
As we all are waiting for $700 billion dollars wall-street bailout plan. Finally as I am writing, Democrats and Republicans just came up with initial draft. Its a first 106-page draft HR bill 3997 (Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, EESA - h.r. 3997) can [...]

Wamu Failed, time to panic? I don’t think so…

Time to Panic? Yes, in generally its not a good sign for any economy but if you are a Wamu customer, you are/will be just fine.
Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. declared bankruptcy last week. And Bank of America Corp. announced it was buying Merrill Lynch. and now as we all suspected (okay lets say wall [...]

Wamu, Lehman Brothers, Bankruptcy Chapter 11 and You

Who would have thought when Lehman, Mayer and Henry, Emanuel first founded the Firm in Montgomery, Alabama in 1850? Today after 158 years, Lehman Bothers is wobbling on the brink of bankruptcy. In 1858, the Lehmans accepted cotton crops from the local farmers as currency to settle accounts. But not anymore, they are running [...]