Lowes Earthday Freebie. A tree for free to everyone.

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As we all know, Earthday is on 22rd of April 2011. Lowes is celebrating the Earth day on 23rd April by giving away a 1 million tree for free. You will need to go to nearest participating Lowes store to get a free tree.

Find Lowe’s location here. Call to see if they’re participating in this Earth [...]

Save $1,000 in 30 Days Challenge! Are you up for Challenge?

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Remit over at iwillteachyoutobereach.com is giving challenge their readers that his tips can save $1000 in month of number. He also promises that none of his tips are nonsense-stupid frugality kinds of tips (like, grow your own vegetable in backyard or go and find cheaper apartment) but they are real money savings tips. Christmas is [...]

13 hidden ways to stop financial leaks for life

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Have you ever felt as money is just running through your figures? I mean, your bank account never reaches to any happy moment (number?) and always difficult to meet up two ends. There are several day-to-day events and stuff that can be turned into hard cash savings if you pay a bit of attraction and [...]

10 Tips: How to score a cheap airline ticket

Traveling has become radically easier for consumers to locate great deals since the rise of the internet, allowing everybody an opportunity to reach out to deals from all airline companies. However, to find a good deal is not easy. I am not sure how airline business works but at one point of time all major [...]